Revitalizing Democracy: Final-Five Voting

Advisory Council & Supporters

Advisory Council

Katherine Gehl

Co-Founder & Co-Chair

“Our political problems aren’t attributable to a single cause, but rather to a failure of the nature of political competition. This is a systems problem–which requires systems change.”

Austin Ramirez

Co-Founder & Co-Chair

“Washington is definitely broken, but the problem isn’t a lack of compelling policy solutions or the absence of capable politicians. The problem is an election process that rewards partisan gridlock and the politics of contempt.”

Dr. Kathryn Quadracci Flores

Advisory Council Member

“Lurching from one extreme to another depending on who is in power is not a way to run a country.”

Dr. Raja Flores

Advisory Council Member

Don Layden

Advisory Council Member

Mary Jo Layden

Advisory Council Member

David Lubar

Advisory Council Member

“We need to make changes to create more competition and choices. Top Five Primaries and Ranked Choice Voting are two viable ways to strengthen our democracy and make our votes more meaningful.”

Madeleine Lubar

Board Member

“I am not a political activist or political leader. But I am deeply concerned about the path our country is on. Our elected officials are no longer motivated or rewarded for solving problems. Detoured by excessive partisanship, Washington has lost its way. It will require systemic changes to bring us back to the promise of democracy, where all votes count and all voices are heard.”

Greg Marcus

Advisory Council Member

“I see the impacts of lurching from one extreme to the other in my businesses, in communities across Wisconsin. Election innovations will reinvigorate our democracy and contribute to healthy competition that delivers outcomes for Wisconsinites.”

Linda Marcus

Advisory Council Member

“Top Five Primaries and Ranked Choice Voting are elegantly designed innovations to ensure that every vote counts and every voice is heard.”

Andy Nunemaker

Board Member

“As one of the only people who threw a Trump fundraiser in Wisconsin, I feel strongly that supporting Democracy Found doesn’t mean we have to shed our various political identities. But we must come together to fix the system.”

Becky Ramirez

Advisory Council Member

Gus Ramirez

Advisory Council Member

“As a successful Hispanic business owner and philanthropist, I am pleased to support Democracy Found as its work can reinvigorate our democracy and enable continued success for our country and future generations.”

Heather Ramirez

Advisory Council Member

“Top Five Primaries and Ranked Choice Voting both enhances and strengthens our democracy, which is why I support these powerful reforms.”

Bud Selig

Advisory Council Member

Sue Selig

Advisory Council Member

Lynde Uihlein

Advisory Council Member

“I have supported progressives for years, and I strongly support this cross-partisan work. It is not about electing more moderates. Strong progressive ideas and strong conservative ideas may drive the debate, but ultimately, we need elected officials who are able to compromise. This requires structural change.”

Sarah Zimmerman

Board Member

“I feel strongly that working across the political spectrum to reinvigorate our elections is the only way forward–on whatever issue you most care about.”

Steve Zimmerman

Advisory Council Member

“Top Five Primaries and Ranked Choice Voting are simple election reforms, but they powerfully realign our system to serve the public interest.”

Sara Eskrich

Executive Director

“As a former elected official and partisan, I know firsthand the impact of misaligned electoral incentives. Top5/RCV will realign electoral incentives for public servants to work toward results in the public interest.”

Leadership Circle

Brian Adam

Cindy Adam

Laura Petrie Anderson

Steve Barth

Bill Berrien

Walter Bond

Héctor Colón

Michael Drescher

Karen Ellenbecker

Susie Falk

Nick Fallucca

Kelly Grebe

Joanne Grunau

Katie Heil

Joe Heim

Henry Herzing

Renee Herzing

Eric Isbister

Mary Isbister

Linda Katz

Mike Katz

Vincent Lyles

Colleston Morgan


Leana Nakielski

Cory Nettles

Angelo Ninivaggi

Rick Parks

Adam Peck

Laura Peck

Lee Rasch

Fmr US Rep. Reid Ribble

Jay Rothman

Ajay Sahajpal

Katie Sahajpal

Dennis Slater

Daniel Steininger

Julie Tolan

Mark Wiesman

Wisconsin Supporters

Ian Abston

Deanna Alexander

Allysa Anderson

Ingrid Anderson

Pamela Anderson

J. "Omar" Andrietsch

Abby Andrietsch

Richard Asimus

Eric Bashirian

Beth Bauer

Nick Beale

Jim Belonger

Linda Benfield

Hannah Bernard-Donals

Daphne Berryhill

Mitchell Biesen

Bruce Block

Ben Block

Gary Bluemel

Kyle Borgardt

Gerald Boutell

Scott Bower

Kathryn Broeckel

Marianne Burish

Mike Burress

Cynthia Campbell

Mark Campbell

Peter Carey

Anthony Chergosky

Karen Christenson

Matthew Clausen

Janette Cromell

Kyle Crum

Nick Curran

Tom Curl

Loren D'Amico

Miriam Drake

Russ Drewry

Kim Ebinger

Susan Ela

Lena Eng

Rich Eng

Hannah Engber

Sandy Eskrich

Cynthia Everand Widen

Nick Fallucca

Scott Faris

David Faust

Jay Ferm

Leah Fiasca

Christina Fiasca

Martin Finnegan

Gary Flaherty

Robert Fliss

Shelby Freedlund

Harry Freedman

Nora Garland

Brenda Gasch Mittelstadt

Kathleen Garvey McNeil

Gregory Geiser

Tricia Geraghty

Kelly Glostott

Lynn Gransee

Craig Greenwood

Nicole Gulatz

Nancy Gunder

Curt Hagen

Jordan Hankison

Eric Hanson

Jess Haven

Jeffrey Hein

Greg Herchenroether

Ben Hoekstra

Darcie Howard

Chad Hughes

Nancy Hyndman

Deborah Jacobs

Jeff James

Jordan Jerrett

Mike Jurken

Jeff Kalenak

Erik Kesting

Bruce Keyes

Aaron Kinney

Emily Koczela

Skip Kraiss

Scott Krizek

John Lauber

Scott Lind

Clem Mahloch

Brandon Malacara

Mary Maller

Greg Marshall

Malcolm McIntyre

Alan Meitler

Gerald Messick

Greg Meyer

Tad Milbourn

Jocelyn Moore

Andrew Morgan

Greg Nickerson

Eric Nordeen

Nick O'Brien

Kirk Olson

Susan Olson

Howard Patterson

Sue Pavetto

George Penn

Jane Pfaff

Kurt Pfeifer

Scott Pietila

Todd Rakowski

Morgan Ramaker Klaas

Nicholas Ravnikar

Patrick Rebholz

Roman Reynebeau

Brad Richey

Julia Richards

John Ridley

Leo Ries

Sandra Rohde

Dr. Charles Rothschild

AJ Salomone

Nick Sayner

Carole Schaeffer

Alec Schindler

Amy Schneider

Justin Schober

Wayne Schwalen

Richard Simonson

Keygan Sinclair

Judy Stieber

Scott Stieber

Stephanie Steigerwaldt

Vickie Silver

John Strauss

Steve Sturm

Jim Sulzer

Dan Sweeney

Joyce Tang Boyland

Matthew Taub

Caryl Terrell

Ted Tousman

Matt Thiel

Mark VandeHey

Dan Vliet

Bret Wagner

Roy Waldren

Mark Waldon

Frank Walter

Lisa Walter

Be Ware

Zach Watson

Matt Wessel

Tripp Widder

John Widdifield

Stacy Williams

Darius Wright

Dr. Kenneth Yuska

Barbara Zimmerman

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Sara Eskrich
Executive Director